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    What software do I need to copy a DVD?
    This is not a piricy question. It is a DVD I shot myself.

    OK, I need to copy this. Normally I use handbreak to rip and idvd to burn. But I don't want to degrade the quality. Some important people need a copy of this. When I use mac the ripper, It rips and now I need to burn it. So I burn the two folders using the os but it won't play.

    What software do I need for a full rip and good burn as a playable dvd?

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    If it helps, it was burned in idvd.

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    Well if it's a DVD you shot yourself you could just copy the DVD using Disk Utility. No need to do all the ripping and stuff.
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    I must be doing something wrong, because I've tried that. How do I do that?

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    What's the size of the VIDEO_TS folder? If it will fit on a DVD-R then you can convert the VIDEO_TS folder to a .IMG file with DVD Imager and burn that with Disc Utility.

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    if you have toast you can just burn the video_ts folder... you don't need to burn the audio_ts folder, I'm not even sure why they put that in there

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