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    Quicktime Pro conversion problem
    I am having trouble converting avi files to Apple TV format using Quicktime Pro. I have a number of TV shows running approx. 45 minutes and about 350MB in size. They play perfectly in Quicktime as avi files but when I export them to Apple TV format, the audio goes out of sync. Strangely, the first 35 minutes or so are fine: then the audio suddenly drops 3 or 4 seconds off. I have never had this conversion problem before. I've tried a number of different files with the same unsatisfactory result. Any thoughts on a solution?

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    Assuming these are legal TV shows without encryption, it may be that you don't have the supported codec in Quicktime.

    I'd recommend installing Perian:

    If that doesn't work, try VisualHub.
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    I don't think it's a codec issue. I can export shorter avi files without any problem. The audio sync issue only seems to kick in after 35 minutes or so - and that's just in the past couple of weeks. I can play the avi files on Quicktime perfectly; it's only when I export them to Apple TV format that the audio problem arises.

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    Maybe your hard disk is to slow to keep up.
    One of my two external drives causes the audio to play up on my video files.

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    Try using VLC Media Player to make the conversion.

    I have a tutorial on how to do it on my site, under Tech Tips, in the link in my Sig.

    Maybe it will do something different. Not sure you can get h.264 from it though.

    You might also try ffmpegX (free) to do the conversion, it will do h.264 I believe, and even has a preset for apple TV, I think...maybe I'm thinking of Visual Hub (not free), but worth 25 dolars.

    Best of luck,


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