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    Exclamation Simple Program to Make Advertisements?
    Hey Everyone,

    I'm new so be nice!!

    I'm thinking of an idea, all I want to do basicly is have an advertisement, and basicly like a powerpoint, have text, and images flying across the screen.. That's pretty much it. I've heard of Final Cut, but isn't it a little too advanced for such a simple request? Is there any programs that anyone knows that can convert Powerpoints into movie formats?

    Let me know, or if you have any after effect tutorials would be fantastic!!

    Thanks much. =)

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    you should have a look into Keynote, this isn't as expensive or advanced as final cut, but is really good. is much better than powerpoint but does the same plus more,these can also be exported as quicktime movies.

    have a look at this link it will give you an insight into the software. also you may have a trial version allready on your mac, or you can maybe download it from the link.

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