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    Ram from third party for mac
    I want to buy a stock Mac and install the ram myself, but I have no clue what type of ram to buy. The store I would be purchasing it from sells 4 gb kits from crucial (2 2gb modules) for $699 cad. I called a computer store that dealt primarily with pcs and the guy said he sold a 4 gb kit (2 2bg modules) of kingston for $499. I asked him if it was the fastest ram available for a mac and he said he thought so. My main questions are will ram purchased through a third party be as high quality as apple offers, what type of ram do they use, and what is the best brand of ram to buy.

    I hear that Corsair and Crucial make good ram, but I have no idea.

    Thanks again.

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    I would check out this site also known as Other World Computing. When i got my mac 2 months ago thats who I purchased my other 1 gig stick from. The have there own brand and a few others, I think i purchased the micron and have had no problems with it.

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    I bought extra ram for my iMac from too. its perfect and its much cheaper than buying it from apple. i got 3 gb for around 200,-
    iMac 2.16ghz, 3gb, 250gb HD, 24 inch screen

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    check out much cheaper option than buying from apple.

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