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Thread: blank dvds

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    blank dvds
    I was wondering what the difference was between DVD-R, DVD+R, DVD RW, all that crap, as well as which one you would use for burning dvds in toast. not illegal dvds.

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    i dont have no mac's

    i would use either + or - R's as long as they are decent, you really do get what you pay for in terms of cd's
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    Get a quality brand, I prefer Verbatim, as the off brands have a much higher fail rate.
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    Any brand that isn't Memorex will treat you well. I prefer TDK. I always recommend DVD-R to customers when they come in to RadioShack, so I'll recommend that to you as well.
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    I also will have to back TDK on this one. I use thier DVD-R all the time. Best IMO

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    I would recommend Sony branded discs, but they can be very expensive (like 30 for 50). I've never had a problem with cheap DataWrite (9 for 50) discs; the only discs that have caused be trouble (and a lot of lost "backup" data) is the no-branded ones you get on market stalls.

    I'd also recommend DVD-R over DVD+R as some devices can be picky with DVD+R discs (although some of the earlier DualLayer burners can only burn DVD+R DL rather than DVD-R DL... so make sure you check your burner on that one). RW discs are ReWritable; they can be erased and burned again, but again some devices don't like them.
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