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    Sony DCR-DVD408 video camera w/ Macbook
    I have a MacBook, and I just got a Sony DCR-DVD408 as a gift. I took a few discs worth of video and found out its not going to be as easy as I thought to work with...

    Ideally, I'd like to get it onto my mac, edit it in iMovie, then put it back onto the miniDVD for finalizing (with the camera).

    I have not yet finalized any of the discs on the camera. First I tried simply connecting the camera with the supplied USB2.0 and found this wouldnt work. The camera doesnt have a firewire port... The only option I was able to think of would be to simply finalize the disc, then buy an external dvd burner that accepts miniDVD to get the files onto the computer. I'd hate to have to actually go through that...

    I saw some previous posts about free software that can work with the USB to get the camera to communicate with the computer, and get the files over. Anyone know anything about this? if so, should the discs be finalized first?
    once editted, can this same software put files back on the disc to be finalized? also, what type of discs should i be using? i am a bit new to all this, and dont really understand the difference between dvd-r, dvd-rw, dvd+rw, etc...

    thanks for reading!!

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    I have a Sony 308. I finalize the disc (DVD+RW) and then encode the videos using Handbrake but you can also use Streamclip. Both are free but I believe you need to purchase an Apple plug-in for Streamclip for DV encoding. There's more info available about this on these forums. I then take the encoded videos and bring them into iMovie and finally port it to iDVD for burning on to a standard dvd.

    As for what the different dvd formats are...
    The other format definitions are listed to the right of that page.

    Hope this helps.

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    can you help me help myself?
    i read the previous post and your response. i have the exact same scenario with the mac and dcr-dvd408. what is the handbrake software you speak of and how might i encode the videos. i really appreciate it.
    thanks in advance,

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