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    Unhappy Importing images with text into Final Cut pro
    I'm using FC Studio on a 15" Powerbook 1.67 GHZ 1.5 GB RAM OSX 10.4.9 with a 300GB external HD.

    I'm editing a short film and am using some still images. I've successfully imported and used photographs edited in photoshop. I'm trying to import what is essentially a screen shot of a MSword Doc consisting of boxes, text and graphics.

    I've exported the word doc to PDF and imported to photoshop with 300dpi and saved as both jpeg and png. When viewed in photoshop the resolution of the text appears normal. It imports sucessfully but when viewed in full size in the timeline or external monitor the resolution of the text is terrible. I've also tried adjusting the scale of the image in the Canvas.

    I've read up on this issue a little and have tried reducing and increased the image size and dpi. Has anyone else tried to import still images with text??

    I apolgise if this issue has already been addressed - I've tried using the solutions provided for still images (without text) but have come up against a wall!
    I would appreciate any help or feedback!

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    Have you tried dragging the PDF into FCP. Worked for me. I was able to zoom into the image and make out the text but the image seemed a bit soft/blury. I may have over zoomed. I did this as an experiment just now.

    I used a web page that I had saved as a PDF from Safari on OS X. It was table based with a great deal of numbers and words and a little graphics. So my guess is you should be skipping PS.

    If you insist on using PS, then I think you have to set the resolution to what you FCP project is. So 720x640 for DV and higher for HD. I'm not sure how or if you should be reference dpi, since that would seem to depend on the TV set it is being played on. So if possible in PS, save as a raw size, ignoring dpi.

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