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    Jun 24, 2007
    Sony mini DVD camcorder
    How do I get my MacBook to see my videos in my camcorder?

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    Jan 06, 2007
    RECORD IN NORMAL VIDEO MODE NOT VR. IF YOU RECORD IN VR THEN YOU NEED TO FINALIZE THE DISC. In any case. I use media fork and rip them to the HD like a normal dvd player. You can rip the whole thing or by the chapters. Once its in mp4 forma I just use imovie to edit a bit the I expor to idvd or just leave it in iphoto.

    use the supplied usb cable..Do not insert mini dvd into macbook.

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    Aug 01, 2007
    hi... i've been having some trouble trying to do this as well....

    my experience with media fork (this is handbrake, right?) is that a 30 min video takes about 8 hours to upload.... this seems somewhat insane to me... could i be doing something wrong??

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