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    Dec 14, 2008
    i know this post is a year old but i came across the thread doing a google search for exactly this problem. has anyone figured this out yet?
    it's immensely frustrating.

    i also could only export on a Web Streaming quality, running on 10.4 with iMovie HD 6.0.3

    if anyone has even the slightest bit of help, even a nudge in a better direction that would be great.
    thank you

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    Aug 01, 2011
    This is happening to me too. I know this is an old thread, but I get the feeling this is a bug that's still not been addressed.

    For me, I'm putting together my own clips. They could be videos I've recorded on my phone, on a DSLR & on one project, even videos I've recorded of my desktop. Point is, the original file format is not the issue.

    I even have a project, that was fine & on another export, it has this problem. Every time, the freeze seems to occur at the join point of 2 clips. It's pretty intermittent. As I said, 2 clips next to each other that are fine on one take, seem to fail on another export.

    Nasty bug that I feel we're at the mercy of.

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    Dec 28, 2015
    the file is maybe corrupt.

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    If it always fails at precisely the same point, then yes the file is somehow marginal I believe.

    If it's just generally happening with exports, trying free up a HUGE AMOUNT of drive space on the boot drive and try again. These types of programs need a REALLY LARGE amount of free space to work properly because of all the conversion they have to do.

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    Aug 01, 2011
    I can feel confident in ruling out corrupt files. There's 2 reasons I can rule this out:

    - It's happened to a movie that is purely photos (When making a slideshow)
    - In many cases, a project is exporting fine, but after various effects, text or other types of editing (Without dragging in more videos), suddenly the exports start playing up

    A video I was putting together last week done this, I removed all of the iMovie text overlays, then the export was fine again.

    One scenario that SEEMS to cause this problem more often (But not always), is when clips or text change very quickly (Perhaps less than a second for a clip).

    I've not spent too much time investigating as I need to get on with my work once I've overcome the issue. But this may give others something to consider.

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    Try a different type of DVD.

    This happened me ONCE using +R discs and re-burning to a -R disc cured it.

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