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    Macbook - Creating movies/score?
    Macbook - Creating movies/score?


    Im going to a concert 2mro and want to make a music video with still shots of the whole day, waking up, getting on coach, arriving......all along to a musical score.

    Is this possible with the equipment i have?

    Digital camera
    Macbook (with logic express)

    Im looking for ease of use really, being able to play the music track (mp3 ripped from cd) and have a "reel" at the top to add pictures in and have them pause for a certain amount of time then slide to the next one on a designated part of the music track. Id like to be able to preview it as i go along to make sur eits flowing.

    Ive seen vids on the internet of teenagers making movies like this and i think ive got everything i need in my macbook right?

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    You can do this in iMovie. Its pretty easy to do. Good luck with it!
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    thakyou cant wait to use it gonna make sum hilarious movies....well to me anyway!

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