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    I'm trying to edit several movies together from multiple DVDs on final cut. I down loaded Perian to copy my dvds to my imac. Perian wouldn't open for me. I tried mactheripper and it would let me copy the dvds to "somewhere" but when i tried to open the file to convert it to quick time and drop it into final cut it kept giving me an error message. Why will mactheripper not work for me?

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    First, Perian is just a codec pack. It just installs the codecs that allow you to watch certain types of compressed video, like .avi.

    Mac The Ripper will rip a DVD and create a folder of the movie for you. Probably with a Video_TS and Audio_TS. I don't htink Quicktime, nor Final Cut can read these files.

    Once you have the Video_TS, open Handbrake, and select the Video_TS folder. Handbrake will scan the folder, and ask you to select the part of the chapter sections you want to rip.

    Set a bitrate, or file size you like, then start it. This will make either an .mp4 or .avi. Still, not sure Final Cut can read this. You may have to do one more conversion to a Final cut friendly file type. For that you might use MPEGStreamclip, or ffmpegX.



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