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    Question If Anyone Can Help It Would Be Great.

    I presently have a ibook G4

    The notebook is a great little machine. It was my very first introduction to the MAC world.

    Here is my issue. I just got this awesome sony HD Camcorder. (SR7) It format's the hi-def footage on AVCHD. The footage is unreal and the still are fantastic. The stupid program that Sony supplied is for PC only.
    I need a program that can let me transfer the video to my MAC. I have read around and they say FCP can do it but the program is like 1000K (Screw that) I have Imovie 5 and it doesn't support the file format. I am kind of stuck and need help. I do not want to return the camera simply because of compatibility issues. I know I am not the first with this problem. CAN ANYONE HELP PLEASE.


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    Final Cut Express HD ?

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    upgrade to iMovieHD?

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    i dont have no mac's
    those are my two suggestions....and btw you have a Mac, not a MAC...there is a difference
    MoTM honor roll...
    i dont remember

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    Final Cut Studio 2 just added that ability to import the AVCHD last month. Actual if I understand the situation, it actually converts it to the Apple Prores codec.

    The Apple consumer products do not handle that format as far as I know. Perhaps one of the convertion programs available will do it. Somehow I doubt that though.

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