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    VOB File helpppp!!!!
    Im using visual hub to convert avi. file to dvd when the conversion is complete it leaves me with a vob file 3.48 GB i tryed burning this file using dragon burn but i get error at the end of the process any suggestion would be great

    also how do i create VIDEO_TS folder from a avi file any appz that can do that instead of creating vob files because i know how to use video_ts folders
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    what error are you getting?? how are we supposed to help without an error message?

    you cant create a video_ts folder from an avi file. vob's are their own special format. you can burn an avi file to work as a divx disc, although you migth be able to get a dvd out of it.

    i highly suggest you purchase toast titanium for all your burning will solve both of your problems i believe

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