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    Hey guys... dunno if this is in the right section but whatever...

    I have some movies on my computer that I need to burn with subtitles. However, I have no idea how you do that. I have iDVD and Roxio Toast 8 Titanium, but neither help file explains how I should do. The subtitle files are .srt and .sub files. So... how do I burn these movies with subtitles?

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    When you rip these movies using MTR, simply choose "full movie extraction", this will rip all the features of the disc (including all subtitles) and then burn as normal.

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    There's a program called "Submerge" that might be able to a) burn DVDs with subtitles, or b) re-encode the video with burnt-in subtitles before you use Toast etc to burn as a DVD.

    I've never actually used it though, so it might do neither.

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