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    Hey all, i recently bought a 160GB external Hard Drive which was on special... Neways it says it works on both PCs and Macs, i can copy files from pc on Hard Drive, but get an error when trying to copy something onto HD whilst connected to mac = 'the item blah blah could not be moved because 'HD' cannot be modified. The info on the mac reads the ex. HD as a read only device!!!!
    Please Help
    Thanks in advance

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    Sounds like it might be formatted as NTFS - Macs can't write to NTFS partitions.
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    Yup, sounds like the format. Use disk utility to format it as FAT32 (backup you data first!!).


    FAT32 Format - Read / Write from Windows or OS X

    NTFS Format - Read / Write from Windows, Read Only for OS X

    HFS / HFS+ Format - Read / Write from OS X, Windows can't even see HFS!!
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    Talking Changing format to FAT 32
    Thanks both of you for your support, although i am new 2 macs and absoutely love them...
    I still have a lack of knowledge of how to change the format to FAT32..
    Its prob easy but dont want to do anything wrong... lol
    I have cleared the HD completly and backed up everything!!!
    Thanks again

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