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    Slideshow DVD
    Hi guys...

    What is the best way to make a DVD of a slideshow?

    Any help would be appreciated...


    EDIT:Also, how many pictures will I be able to fit on a DVD?

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    The most convenient method is to make a slideshow in iPhoto and export it to iDVD. You can also make one with iMovie (this gives you more control) however, it does take much longer. My only concern with iPhoto is that there is limited functionality with the music, as you cannot fade songs in and out whenever you want like you can in a video editing app.

    In older versions of iDVD you can also make slideshows however, I believe Apple has removed this option on the recent version.

    As far as the number of pictures, I'm not really sure how many a DVD can hold but I would definitely not make the slideshow more than 300 pictures.
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