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    Could the Superdrive be the culprit with my burning problems?
    my Imac is a couple of months old, and I've been burning DVD's with no problems with your help. lately, I can't get anything to burn. I have Toast 8, Visual Hub, Burn, and DVDonetoone. all programs will encode, but poop out ten seconds into the burn. every log I check is like this:

    1991935 extents written (3890 MB)
    MESSAGE:preparing data for burn
    MESSAGE:Opening session
    MESSAGE:Opening track
    MESSAGE:Writing track
    MESSAGE:Closing session
    MESSAGE:Finishing burn
    MESSAGE:Burn failed
    MESSAGE:The burn failed because of a medium write error.

    I've tried various brands ov DVD-R's, +R's with no luck. even the brands I was using with success end up just being coasters. the coasters I do burn are recognized as blank DVD-R's by the iMac on insertion, but then I'm told by OS X it can't recognize the DVD.

    any thoughts short of taking it in to Apple or buying an external burner to try?

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    If it isn't too challenging, I'd open the case and make sure the cabling is firmly connected. I don't really know what is involved to do that though.

    Also, I wonder if the system disk that came your system can test the drive. Give hardware tests a try.

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