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paullynch 07-11-2007 11:34 PM

Live Video Record Two Cameras
I record seminars using two broadcast quality cameras. Sometimes the cameras are digital, sometimes analog.
I need to capture video in DV/NTSC 720 x 480 Quicktime movís
so I can take the hard drives to an edit suite and import into Final Cut Pro.
These seminars can last 8 hours.

Questions -

Can two cameras be recorded simultaneously into one Mac or
does each camera need to be connected to a Mac laptop, each with its own firewire hard drive?

I need suggestions of Mac laptops/software/interface combinations that work. (I currently have a Powerbook G4, 1.67, 2 Gig Ram).


dakineyj 07-12-2007 03:24 AM

Since no one has responded to your question I would suggest that you head over to apple's support section and look at the Final Cut Forum. These people know everything about all that. From what I have read in the past only Final Cut Pro supports 2 cameras, Final Cut Express does not. As far as recording to the computer with 2 cameras I have no idea.

xstep 07-12-2007 04:51 AM

I just ran an experiment with iMovie and Videator to record from a consumer DV camera and the iSight in my MBP laptop. One stream went to an external drive while the other went to the builtin drive. The result suggests it works fine.

I doubt you could do a whole 8 hours. I susspect you'll hit some hard size limit. But perhaps you could record 2 to 4 hours. You'd likely have to experiment.

Also Videator is not the right tool as it can't export it's format to DV at the correct framerate. At least NTSC. I kept telling it to use 29.97 and it kept setting my export to 30fps.

The other site for possible answers would be the forums at which is a group for FCP users.

P.S. Are you this Paul Lynch?

paullynch 07-12-2007 07:44 AM

Seminar record
Thanks for the info.

xstep, I'm not that Paul Lynch.

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