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    Question How do I make my Mac forget my old FC5 Serial num?
    Hello fellow Mac users,

    I have been successfully running a downloaded copy of final cut 5 on my comp for the last 9 months. However, I have just started a small business and I am now going to be using my Mac in the office as one of the business machines. I donít want to be conducting business illegally by using downloaded software so Iíve bought final cut pro studio for our 3 computers. Yesterday I went though the process of removing/uninstalling all traces of my downloaded final cut from the library, directories etc to get rid of it all before installing my 100% legal copy. However, when I went ahead and installed my new final cut studio it didnít ask for my serial number (it remembered it) and just went ahead and installed it for me. This is bad though. I want to install it with my new legal, paid for, serial number. So basically what I need to know is how do I make my Mac forget the downloaded serial so I can start again with my new serial?

    Thanks for any responses,


    p.s. I never actually allowed my old copy of fcp to update when it wanted to. I always feared that by allowing it to do so it might somehow have allowed apple to discover it was downloaded and immediately stop my use of the program and report me. Out of curiosity, does anything like this happen?

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    The serial will be recorded in a separate file; to delete it you can run something like Appzapper!

    Really though, it shouldn't matter... you've paid for a license, so you can use the software (even with a different serial).

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