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    Editing DVD Chapter times??
    Hi everybody.

    I have been download a music DVD. It's not official stuff. When I finished (VIDEO_TS folder), I saw there are many problems about chapter times.Video is ok. But DVD's chapter times are incorrect. There are 25 chapters in DVD. I think that the person who share the video, did not edit correctly chapter times. How can I edit chapter times? Is there any software for this operation on a Mac?

    Sorry for my English...

    Thank you...

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    Hmm...good question....I was looking for an answer to this as well.

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    I think you could make new chapters just using iMovie...

    f you want to edit clips in iMovie, FCP, or QT or something, you'll need to convert them to DV format, which will degrade the picture and audio quality slightly, but can be edited in QT-based apps. To do so, after ripping with MTR, you can use MPEG Streamclip (free), DVDxDV, or ExportToQT (part of the excellent $10 MPEG2Works suite of tools - requires you to purchase the $20 Apple QuickTime MPEG2 Playback Component). Once you're done editing, use iDVD or DVD Studio Pro to convert them back to DVD format.
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