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Thread: Simple way to record AVI/MOV in a DVD?

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    Simple way to record AVI/MOV in a DVD?

    I have been trying to record some AVI's in DVD's using TOAST 8, having used SUBMERGE to insert subtitles (.srt) in those avi movie files. They therefore turn into MOV. I bought a DVD player (Samsung HD-870) that reads AVI's and DIVX in order to watch these movies in my TV.
    I want to record several of these files (3 or 4) in each DVD and I do not want to burn them as DVD-Video. Having succeed in record them in DIVX or even in DATA/DVD-ROM the files either lose a lot of quality, either do not appear at all in the DVD...

    Can anyone tell me what is the best way to get this working? Or am I condemned to one file-one dvd solution?

    Thanks in advance!


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    I use Toast 8 to burn .avi's all the time like so:

    Video>DVD Video

    Then click add files. It encodes and everything for you. Takes forever though.

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