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    Converting VHS to DVD on Macbook Pro (am i allowed to ask this?)
    i made a post about this in general chat and it got deleted and i dont know i not allowed to ask this?

    if so mods please PM me and let me know why instead of just deleting the thread so i know what to do and not to do next time!

    anyhow, so im looking to convert some of my old vhs tapes onto there a way i can do this on my macbook pro? is "Dazzler" any good? can anyone give me some pointers?


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    This isn't too hard if you already own a digital video camera that has a video in/out port, this is downright simple. Connect your VCR output up to the A/V in jack (using the cable you got with the camera to hook it up to a TV). Now plug in your camera's firewire to your mac. Open iMovie, press record in iMovie, press play on the VCR... TADA!
    Now pass that video over to iDVD when it's done, make a DVD... Burn it... Impress your friends.

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