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    FCP5 dropped frames issue
    I'm using FCP5 on my G4 (1.67GHZ, 1.5GB RAM). I have 2 500GB, 7200RPM G-RAID external drives daisy-chained (both virtually filled) to my machine, and I've been experiencing an unusual amount of dropped frames lately as I edit (sometimes as often as once every 15 seconds! It's inconsistent, in any case.) I've got safe RT on; I always have only the sequence opened that I happen to be working on; my real-time audio tracks are down to 4; I've got the playback quality at low and the playback frame rate at a quarter. Does anyone have ideas on what else I can do to be able to edit more smoothly? I'm desperate!

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    I'm no FCP expert, but I'd...

    Choose the Tools menu --> Analyze --> Clip


    double click on the clip in the browser and go Tools menu --> Long Frames --> Mark

    Perhaps that will show some kind of bad import.

    If that is a laptop your using, I would expect it to handle DV footage just fine.

    Perhaps you are seeing some trait caused by setting up conservative settings.

    I would also run Activity Monitor to see what the CPU, memory and drives are up to. Perhaps your 'virtually filled' drives are having supply issues.

    I'd also shut down all other non-required applicaitons. Especially a web browser that might be on a web page with Flash content. That seems to suck up horse power.

    Do you have anything else in that Firewire chain that might be slow.

    The best best for an answer might be the Apple forums or the forums.

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    I had the same problem, but not with Final Cut Pro...i had Final Cut Express and I went to Apple's website and checked the help section, and apparently it's some bug in the have to download a patch from their website and it should fix your fixed it for me, at least.

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