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    I just got Adobe After Effects, and I'm trying to figure things out here.

    I read a cool article I found on Digg about making a photo look like its from a hollywood movie and I was seeing if I could do this in AE.

    I figured out how to turn down the saturation, up the contrast, tint it blue, but I couldn't do some of the other things like sort of darken the corners or add maybe like a focus.

    Anybody know how to do any of those things?

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    Check out "magic bullet" - you can download a trial off the website, OR (and this is a lot more reasonable in price, and brilliant) - "Film magic pro" by video co-pilot

    I make a lot of indie films and music videos, both have suited me fine, but film magic pro is far easier to use (drag and drop, although you can change settings manually) and is only a fraction of the price.

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    Well, the tutorial is in Photoshop, so filters are different.

    Aftereffects in fine for Depth of Field when using it's 3D cameras and manually setting depth of field, but it isn't the best at faking it with a 2D image. You do it by creating a depth pass, but I find this a bit labor intensive.

    There are 3rd party programs and plug-ins, some free. I think IrisFilter is free for personal (non-commercial) use.

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