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Thread: Stop motion capture software

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    Stop motion capture software
    Does anyone know of some free or free trail stop motion capture software for macs? if not can you use final cut to import still frames from your dv camcorder? Im new to macs and final cut so any help would be great.

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    A search on this site came up with this. I'm sure there are other posts on this topic here too.

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    As someone in the animation industry, I can pretty much say that, for amateurs, the best solution these days is to a digital SLR. You can pick and choose the lens needed and the hi-res still images can be imported into Final Cut or Premiere to create HD video. Any digital still camera will work fine, but the SLR gives more versatility for big jobs.

    And yes, you can just capture individual frames from the DV tape, but that means isolating out a frame you want over and over again, which doubles the time. DV was never a good platform for animation or stop-motion photography, which need to be shot frame by frame.

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