Hi Folks

I'm a first time user, so apologies if I am naive as to etiquete!

I am able to successfully import DV from a Sony DCR-TRV22E into iMovie on my iMac (PowerMac2,1, PowerPC 750 (83.2), 640MB RAM, 400 MHz with OSX 10.4.9.
However, when I use the same camcorder with a MacPro running the latest OSX version update, iMovieHD will no longer recognise the device. It worked perfectly a couple of months ago.
I have tried all the hard and soft solutions recommended by both Apple and Sony and have tried other solutions from other forums.
I am getting very frustrated now!
Have the latest updates removed/disabled the drivers? Do I need to reinstall? Is this a result of Sony and Apple having a hissy fit?