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    Want to compelte copy DVDs, convert for iTunes
    To start, I'm pretty much a novice at this. Many of my DVDs are going bad with scratches so I wanted to copy them on my computer and put them on new DVDs. I tried Handbrake, but didn't work well. Then I got Mac the Ripper, which has been great for making a direct copy of my DVDs in the Audio/Video TC folders and playing them via DVD Player. Awesome, I've already done a bunch! Here's what I want to do:

    As I found out, DVD-Rs are only 4GB and most movies are much more than that. Is there a program that will somehow strip off all the extra junk and just leave the movie in it's full audio/video quality? Can I convert the files already on the computer, or do I need to use the DVD again?

    I also want to convert them to play in iTunes/iPod/iPhone. What program will let me do that fairly easily? I've seen the programs on other threads, but will they work with the files I already have on my computer? I don't want to lose the DVD-quality files either.

    Basically, I want to use Mac the Ripper to get the full DVD copy, make a strip down copy from that that can be put on DVD-R, then make a converted copy of that which will work in iTunes.

    Easy? Too much? Thanks for you help!
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