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Thread: Mac the ripper errors

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    Dec 18, 2006
    Mac the ripper errors
    I'm about to take a pretty long flight from Tokyo to Canada, and I wanted to rip a few of my Japanese DVDs to my Hard drive so I could play them on the flight. Playing the movies off of video_ts directories saves my battery (no dvd drive spinning) and allows me to carry a few less discs with me.

    I usually use Mactheripper on my MBP Core Duo, but after the most recent software update there was a superdrive firmware upgrade, and now when I try to load mactheripper it loads for a few seconds and then automatically quits before the main window appears. Just wondering if anyone else has encountered this problem and how they have fixed it? Or if anyone might have any suggestions?

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    I just fired up MTR this evening and didn't have a problem. What version of MTR do you have?

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    Dec 18, 2006
    I'm using Mac the Ripper 2.6.6 but it won't even load up? I'm not sure what the problem could be?

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    Try using Drive-in - made by the folks at Flip4Mac - it's still in beta testing and free at this time - works great on all except some of the Sony zero cell dvd's which they are working on
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