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    What is a 'Medium Burn Error" ?
    I've tried burning the same .avi file to a DVD using my Superdrive. with bost Toast 8.1 and Burn I keep getting this error message just after encoding is finished, and the write begins.

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    are you actually trying to burn it as an authored DVD?

    You might try converting it first. Use ffmpegX (free) or VisualHub (not free, but worth the low cost if you are gonna be doing this alot). I got the same message from burn on some .avi's. Basically the conversion is not going well, nad the burn just craps out.

    I think it tries to convert it to .mpg, which for DVD is mpeg2, and seems to be an issue with that.


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    more than likely it can be the brand of dvds or cds that you are using.

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    If you don't mind spending some money then you should get visual hub, its much faster at encoding.

    Or try burn, its a free app that also authors DVD's. See if it works on there.

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