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    Can"t Get Imovie To External Hard Drive
    i'm having a similar problem... i tried saving from imovie directly to the external.. and it says the drive is locked.. or doesn't have enough room... i tried dragging the icon and it says it has unfamiliar characters...

    i know it has enough room and it can't be locked because i dragged pictures and music to it without a problem... and the filename is Chloe so it's not wierd or anything...

    i'm stumped... PLEASE HELP!!!

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    Click the drive in question once, then type apple+i. Int the permissions section make sure that you have sufficient privileges to read, write, and execute on the drive.

    if all is good, goto Applications>>Utilities>>Disk utility

    Highlight the drive in question on the left, and make sure that the check box for Locked, is NOT checked. If it is, uncheck it. Hopefully won't require a re-partition.



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