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newmacuser12 06-25-2007 04:20 AM

sony handycam and latest Imac
Hi i have a sony DCR-HC15E DV handycam, and use to connect to pc with ilink to usb cable, now on mac sony says i must connect it using a ilink to firewire cable, which i tried, sony says it should work.
how ever they say they dont know if imovie will recognize the camera.

it seems it doesnt recognize it in imovie, is there any way i can check if the computrer at all sees my camera?

BTW when the cam is on and connected the screen on tthe cam shows flashing text "dv in"

is there any free third party movie editing software i can download and try before i need to spend many $$ only to find out ive lost money again on something useless.

lost movie producer!

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