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    Arrow Uploading a final cut quicktime onto a windows machine
    I took one of my finished videos as a quictime from work and brought it home on my ipod, but when i uploaded onto my windows machine the file type shows as just file. i want to put this video up online so any help would be appreciated.

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    You haven't given a lot of information. Like for instance, what format did you save it as onto your iPod?

    It sounds to me like you do not have an extension on the file or you do not have Quicktime installed on the home machine.

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    Do you have quicktime or itunes installed on your windows machine?
    Simon :-)

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    if you exported the quicktime as a FCP movie, the odds are your peecee doesn't have the right codec to reproduce it, even if it does have quicktime installed. Try exporting your movie as quicktime conversion and use the cinepak codec.

    or just stop using peecees... :-)

    I drank what?

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