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    Question newbie quicktime / mpeg 4 question
    i recently downloaded a mpeg 4 video from the net and was having difficulty viewing it w/ quicktime 7 player (mac os 10.4.9). i am able to hear the audio of the file but no video appears. is this possible w/ quicktime player or do i need quicktime pro??? any help would be appreciated.

    i have also unsuccessfully tried VLC player which has worked well w/ avi and wmv files in the past...

    thanks very much for any help.

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    Not that this helps, but I recently sent some friends a .mov of a video I made in iMovie. They had the same problem with it - they had audio but no pictures.

    Is it a version problem?



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    no, i don't think so. i found this statement at another mac forum which states that VLC and quicktime player should work... very confusing.

    "To view MPEG-4 video encoded using H.264 (sometimes called MPEG-4 AVC files), you need to have a player which can decode H.264, such as QuickTime Player 7 or the VLC Media Player."

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