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OliE3333 06-18-2007 05:56 PM

Which Final Cut?
Looking to buy a version of Final Cut, got limited funds otherwise id go straight for buying the most up-to-date full version. But for price sake im looking at getting Final Cut Express HD 3.5, now im just wondering how detailed the features are on this version? For example i know that this version has soundtrack 1.5 and the motion title software, but how about things such as using green screen technology and layering in that way? Can i edit to this detail on this version, baring in mind that i dont require masses of small tweaking features.

Anyway if somebody could advise me into whether this version would be ok for doing decent more detailed editing than the standard imovie (which i dont care for at all) type programme. Any info would be v useful.


CAMERA MAN 06-19-2007 02:42 AM

I think that express will do it. I just upgraded to final cut pro 5.1 last week. The only reason why is because I needed to burn widescreen and idvd couldn't do it because of my DV deck and other stuff so I needed dvd studio. Anyways express doesn't lack much if you aren't doing pro video. The title program is actually called LiveType. Express can do blue and green screens but I'm not to sure on how good it looks, and it does layers as well.I would say though that you should check out ebay for final cut pro 5.1 because I got mine for $315+shipping, came with everything. Only downside is that it can't be upgraded to pro 6. But what are you planning to edit? DV,HDV? What kind of mac are you using?

OliE3333 06-19-2007 08:25 AM

i have checked out ebay and there are decent deals going on both versions. IM currently filming on DV but do hope to upgrade to hdv before too looking to edit short films etc which have been shoot on a fairly tight budget, therefore never really requiring amasing technical tools, but i do want the facilities to make more detailed changes to clips (such as color and visuals). Am running a macbook with 2ghz and 1gb ram on a 120gb hd, will prob be too limited to run the full programme i expect? I think it looks like ill be opting for express? This is fine by me i just wanted to make sure i was buying something with decent semi pro features rather than paying money for something that is nothing but crazy transitions and crappy clip effects.

thanks for your advice

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