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    Wide-screen conversion in Final Cut Express
    Could anyone help me out with a problem I have in Final Cut Express? I want to edit footage that was supplied to me as DVD content - I have converted the VOB file to MPEG4 using iPod Video Converter, but the resulting conversion looks like the widescreen image has been been squashed into 4:3 - can anyone tell me how I can use Final Cut Express HD or Quicktime Pro to correct the aspect ratio? With thanks, Mark Andreani

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    I think I know how to do this. Go to easy setup an check show all then pick DV-NTSC Anamorphic and start a new project, if you don't it won't work. Then re-import your clips and drop them in the timeline and it will force the clips into a 16:9 ratio. Hope it works.

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    You could do that or place the clip on the timeline and double click it. Click on the motion tab and there is a submenu thing that says "distort". Click on the little triangle to bring up options and fiddle around with the aspect ratio slider in there.

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