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    Talking black lines throughout playback of movie URGENT ASSESSMENT
    Hey all, i have uploaded and edited my movie on Imovie and transfered the files from my JVC Everio HD camera, from .MOD to .DV. Ne way i finished my movie and when i watch it on playback either on DVD or in Imovie black lines come up through the footage (eg. little movements of camera cause little black lines until adjustes to position). The whole movie plays, i have found that the footage i have captured straight to Imovie using Firewire with a camera with tapes has no problem and black lines do not show through movement. I thought it could be the upload process of moving the files from HD camera to ffmpeg (from .mod to .dv) then to Imovie. What can i do? Sorry if not clear!! I dont want this to ruin my project as it is worth top marks!!
    Thanks in advance

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    After research on other forums i found the answer, if ne 1 else has similar probs im willing 2 help!!

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    What was the answer?

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    Firstly i stopped using ffmpeg because i believe this program was distorting, or losing alot of the footage quality, i went back to using capty Mpeg which was the software i originally received with my camera and it works perferct!!!
    Basically changing my encoders from ffmpeg to Capty was a massive advantage and stopped the black lines froms occuring!!! Hope this helps if more info is needed let me know!!

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    i actually could never figure out how to covert the files using Capty...if you give me a quick rundown of steps to take, I'll try it...Thanks, Brian

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