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    apple dvi video adapter
    hi all. i just purchased an apple dvi video adapter so i could hook my mini up to my tv via an s-video cable. problem is...i'm dumb. i assumed that sound would also travel throught the cable, but it doesn't. can someone tell me which audio cables i would need to rectify this? the tv is a few years old so it's a regular tube televison and is 27" so my desktop doesn't look that great but i can watch always thanks in advance.
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    You bought a DVI cable, to hook to your TV with S-Video? I'm confused.

    I can only guess that you have a DVI to S-Video cable as well.

    Well, yeah, S-Video only does Video - hence the name. I dunno how you can fix that without not using S-Video or buying a new TV or something. There must be a way, but I don't know about it.

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    You probably want a "miniplug to RCA" cable like the one in the link below. You can get a straight adapter or a cable of whatever length you need.

    It should be pretty easy to find at any Best Buy/Circuit City/Radio Shack or Ritz/Wolf camera type store.

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