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    Red face Video with no sound- PLEEEEASE HELP
    All i want to do is burn an awesome, perfect quality file to dvd. It doesnt work in quick time, but works in VLC. I'd love to know which codec i need to make it work in quick time, then burn it. or learn how to burn it with sound some other way. New user, could use some help. As frustrating as learning this crap is, i'll never go back to PC. Genius mac users- help!

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    What might help users here help you is what is the extension on that Video file? What type of Video file is it? What was it made on?

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    it's an avi file that will not play sound in quick time. Ive been trying to figure out all day which codecs i need to make the sound work- then burn it but im having some trouble. it's an avi file- most avi's work for me and i can just burn them.

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    hey grhys1304

    Basically your problem is that the file is have to use a video converter program like videora in order to change your avi file to mp4 and then it'll work fine. Their website is
    good luck.

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