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Thread: is it possible to burn a vlc viewed file?

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    is it possible to burn a vlc viewed file?
    Definately new to learning all his mac software, although enjoying the process. I have a wicked soccer game that won't play sound through quick time, but will play perfectly through vlc. All i want to know is- HOW can i burn a dvd with a file that only plays in VLC? ANY suggestions would help a lot, THANKS!!!

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    Need a little more info from you on this.

    1. Do you have perian quicktime codecs installed? If not, download and install them.

    2. What is the filetype of the soccer game?

    3. do oyou have iDVD?

    4. do you have Burn?

    depending on the filetype of the soccer game, Burn should let you open it, select Video, then from the drop down select DVD, and then drag the video clip into Burn. It will ask if you want to convert and auther the file for DVD.

    Select yes, and off you go.


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    some info
    i've downloaded perian codecs and others as well. When the codecs have been downloaded, im having trouble installing them for some reason. it says copy to other folders to install but being the newjack on computers, i've yet to figure it out quite yet. the file is an avi file, like most of my downloaded files. I do have IDVD, not sure about burn, i'm looking into it. it's a new mac so should come with most stuff. lastly, i know this is all a lot but after trying to download new codecs, update my quick time etc... my quick time wont open anything anymore- every movie comes out with a blank screen with no sound. Soooo frustrated as im trying to learn how to use this magnificent mac, just having a bit of trouble so far. the blank screen doesnt help my problems lol. if you could help- MUCH APPRECIATED!!!

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    Use FFMpegX. It will convert virtually any video file into any other (including an authored DVD you can burn with apple's Disc Utility)
    schweb This has to be one of the best threads ever in MF history...
    Cherokee This gets my vote for most innovative thread on Mac-Forums... ever.

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    thanks very much. lifesaver.

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