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    which lcd monitor/display for pleeeze!
    Hi everyone,
    going a little bonkers here. finally did it, got a mac pro and final cut studio 2 yay!
    now what I've spent the most time in trying to figure out, it's crazy-- is what brand of monitor/display to get for video editing? I have a 17" westinghouse and wanted my main screen to be 22". Also wanted to spend under $400. But I can't find real opinions and image quality ratings from people who use it for video.
    NEC? Samsung? Dell? HP?
    (by the way I thought I'd settled on a Dell but they are out of stock everywhere until August and I don't want to wait that long).

    also what resolution and contrast ratio are you using?

    Please help I'm going bananas!!
    thanks in advance for your advice

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    Did you check ebay for the Dells, I remember they had new and used ones for very good prices.

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