I have about 30 mini DV cassettes that I took with my former camcorder, a JVC model. Whenever I played teh tapes through that (prior to its timely death), I had no issue. More recently, I purchased a SONY DCR-HC27 to replace the dead JVC and I am generally delighted with it. However, when I play back my JVC tapes through the Sony, I get parallel lines across the picture such that I can see a line of film on top of a greyscale line on top of a line of film etc. etc.

Part of my recent decision to leave PC in favour of MAC was iMovie and the ease with which friends have made respectable movies from camcorder footage. I tried importing one of the tapes anyway, wondering whether the lines would appear on the imported film. Unfortunately, it does.

Does anyone have any ideas??
Really appreciate any advice.