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sjtaylor84 06-08-2007 03:48 PM

FINAL CUT PRO - Problems exporting anamorphic
Hi everyone

I am having trouble exporting projects in FCP as anamorphic widescreen.

The project is set to PAL anamorphic, the video has been captured as anamorphic and when a clip is viewed in the Viewer Slug window is displays as anamorphic. However in the canvas window it displays as 4:3 letterbox and exports like that even if I select the output as anamorphic. Please hellllp!

In sequence settings I have found the 16:9 option but all that does is squash my 4:3 image into 16:9 including the black bars :S Somehow when I've dragged a file from the browser to the timeline FCP's made them 4:3 letterbox when they were originally anamorphic. Please say I can fix this without re-doing my whole project?

Thanks in advance
Simon :-)

My version of Final Cut Pro is 5.1 (Universal Binary) and I'm editing on a Macbook Pro if that helps

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