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    Angry Corrupt files when ripping a DVD
    I've been trying to rip a specific DVD (which plays fine in my DVD player at home) and I keep getting a message that says the VIDEO_TS file is corrupted. Now really... if it runs fine in the DVD player, what could possibly be corrupt?

    I'm a little anxious that it may be something wrong with my hardware because my 1-yr limited warranty is about to expire and I'm worried that I'll have to pay a lot of $$$ to get it fixed.

    I've gotten a handful of hardware errors in the past few days, but I have been able to burn other files to a DVD and CD fine. I just have trouble getting the drive to recognize a LOT of DVDs -- like about half of the ones I put on it.

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    Unless this is a home-made / non-professionally made DVD, you are likely encountering some form of copy protection that is intended to keep you from doing what you are doing. If you can rip other DVDs and not that one, then it's that DVD.

    I would ask you to tell us what the DVD is and how you are ripping it, but that would violate forum rules. You could aways PM me though.

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