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    What if I don't like the built-in themes???
    What if I don't want to use ANY of the themes? None of them "work" with my movie that I'm editing. I just want to totally bypass the built-in themes, but have tried everything I know to get around it, and can't....

    So far:

    1. I imported my camcorder home video into iMovie and edited the clips.
    2. Created an opening credit and ending credit (in iMovie)
    3. I am totally satisfied with my movie and just want to make it into a DVD.
    4. So I click "Share" to send it to iDVD
    5. iDVD "requires" me to choose a theme----BUT I DON'T WANT ONE!!

    What I want to do is very simple, BUT these programs are making it incredibly complicated. (Plus I DO NOT want to go back to using my old PC)


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    You have several options. If you want the movie to just start playing when you insert a disc, go to tree view menu and drag the film to the box in the top right that says "Drag content here to start playing when disc is inserted" or similar.

    Another option is to use Toast, which isn't free, but has very minimalisstic menus.

    Besides, iDVD themes are highly editable, you can change almost everything from background image to colors, sizing, fonts. What you can't change are the number of drop zones, but there are quite few (old) themes that have no drop zones.
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