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    DVD copier
    I have looked everywhere for information on this, so hopefully someone here can help. is there a machine that allows you to put a dvd in one tray and a blank dvd in another and copy them? sort of like you'd do for a vhs to dvd transfer? I don't really know what you'd call that and I've Googled myself to death looking for this. is there such a creature?

    I know I can upload the dvd to my MacBook and then burn with iMovie, but I have a mountain of dvds to copy and having a standalone maching do it would be much easier for me.

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    Here is the device you really need if you want to do serious copying. Of course, if the DVDs are protected, you can forget about this option.

    To copy a protected DVD (which you own, and have a right to copy), use mac the ripper > dvd2one.
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    It is easy to search for good supplier now, just type "dvd duplicator" in Google and I clik on the 1st search result and I found this company pretty good price and professional about duplicator

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