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    Slideshow Help
    I'm really new to the Mac world so forgive me this basic question. How do I get a slideshow created in iPhoto to include the music that was purchased from itunes onto my blog or even an email. When I email it to someone there is no music with it. Can you save it in any other format?
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    Don't use iPhoto, use iMovie. I'll give you the steps:

    1.) Open iMovie and assign a name to your project.

    2.) Click on the 'Media' tab in the lower right of the screen.

    3.) Click on 'Photos'.

    4.) Click on 'iPhoto Library' or 'Pictures' depending on where your photos are stored.

    5.) Select the pictures you want and drag them to the upper-most "rung" of the project bar at the bottom of the screen.

    6.) At the top of the iMovie screen, click on 'Music'.

    7.) Find the song you want and drag it down into the lower-most "rung" of the project bar.

    That'll do it, but you can also click on the 'Editing' tab next to the 'Media' tab and change the transitions between photos and also do a lot of other cool effects.

    Hope that helps!

    Edit: I forgot to answer your other question. To convert the file for e-mail, click on 'Share' in the menubar and then click on 'Email'. That'll convert it to .mov and make the file small enough to be sent via e-mail. All the person receiving it needs is Quicktime on their PC or Mac.
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    Thank you. I'm still working on it but it seems to be working. I've got Final Cut Express HD, but it seems to be way too much program for me right now.
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    alternatively, you can export from iPhoto, the slideshow, and the music goes with it. Then import that into iMovie as is, and then do the same Share steps to email it.


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