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Thread: upgrade to Final Cut Pro 6 or get FCP studio 2?

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    upgrade to Final Cut Pro 6 or get FCP studio 2?
    Hi there and thanks in advance for your advice!
    I'm currently using FCP 4.0 on a G4 and want to get a Mac Pro quad or 8-core.
    Wondering what the differences are in terms of upgrading my Final Cut Pro-will new Mac Pro work well with FCP 6, and is it worth the cash outlay to get Final Cut Studio 2?
    What would the benefits be of using FCP studio 2?

    Doing feature-length projects, corporate, after effects, etc.

    Thanks so much for your help.

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    The benefits of FCS2 are the intergration with the other applications that are part of the suite. Color alone is worth the upgrade if perfect color is worth it to you. The ability to create templates in motion and customize them in final cut are also really useful for quick motion graphics project customization with in final cut.

    FCS2 will run perfectly on a Mac Pro.
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    May 16, 2007
    thanks for your response! Do you work with quad or 8-core?
    Would I be able to transfer what I've been working on on my G4- from FCP 4.0 to the new FCP and Mac Pro system?

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