Hope I am posting this question to the correct forum . . . if not, my apologies.

Was given a Sony DCR-DVD405 as a gift. Gone through 2 third party software vendors to convert the files -- what a pain in the butt. iMovie crashes with my 20 minute file of 10 clips because the Mac won't recognize MPEG-2 clips -- it downloads it as ONE BIG FILE.

Bottom line -- I think I need to sell my camera, though only used twice. I suspect I can get $300-$400 for it.

I want to know which camera would be best for me to get that will work with my Mac and allow me to edit?

Here's what I want:
- Budget is $200 to $400
- Using camera to video tape my baby and basic "home" family stuff and RC airplanes flying, snow boarding, wake boarding, mountain biking, etc. Amateur stuff.
- Like crisp pictures
- Want a well-made camera
- Want to be able to edit easily and be creative

I like the "brains" in Canon SLRs -- included even in their low to mid level cameras. I would be happy with a mid-range video camera, as opposed to the bottom of the barrel.

I like Sony cameras and would be cool with a DCHR model. I am overwhelmed by my options.

I did see a Sony DCRH26 for $149 with full warranty that was a display model at my local electronics store, but I wonder if it would be better to get a higher megapixel camera.

I am running iMovie HD, QuickTime 7 Pro, and Tiger on the previous generation iBook.

Bottom line -- what's the best camera I can get for the money? Or would it be better for me to save up more and spend more?

Thanks in advance for any advice you can give me...


- Jeremy