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    VOB IFO BUP files???
    I have a movie on my desktop that i want to burn into a DVD. it contains the following files VOB IFO BUP. when i burn the DVD the movie plays just fine on a PC but not on a Mac. How can I play the movie on Mac?

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    well it sounds like dvd files. my best advice to you would be to take all of those files and put it in a folder named exactly this "VIDEO_TS" with out the quotes. now to point you in the direction of my favorite dvd burning software. download LiquidCD. You can get this at after you download that and have your VIDEO_TS folder ready the rest is self explanatory. hope that helps

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    crazytreeman is correct, you can't just burn the files. You need to burn them as a video disc, which requires software that burns .VOB files in the correct format.

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    Thank you Crazytreeman and Kash. It worked.

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