Hi all,

I am an animator who uses final cut pro to do all my editing. I usually use photoshop to do all my drawings, and transport them to final cut pro for editing. I was trying to experiment with making HD animation by making my stills the size of 1080 x 1624 ( the HD frame size) and putting them in final cut. I edited the stills as usual, and I output my video using Quicktime compression to High Quality for video on the web. Here comes the problem: The image is squashed, with black bars on two sides and the image not in the proportional frame size. Does that have anything to do with my chosen frame size of the stills ( 1080 x 1624)? Is there anything I can do to change the frame ratio to the right proportion? Or should I change the frame ratio back to 720? Are there any particulat settings I have to set for outputting HD video?

Thanks for reading! Any comments are appreciated.